I’m launching a podcast


The Mitch Goldich Podcast FINAL LOGOTo start with the lede: I’m launching a podcast. You probably already figured that out from the headline.

Technically I’ve been launching a podcast for the past few months, today is just the day I can finally switch things into past tense and say that I’ve launched a podcast. You can already listen to Episode 1 on my site, or search for it and subscribe in the iTunes store.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, it just took some time to iron out the details. (Believe it or not, I spent a good six weeks brainstorming with friends and family to come up with a good name before we collectively gave up and went with The Mitch Goldich Podcast.)

The premise behind the show is that I will bring on guests who have interesting jobs in the sports media world and talk to them about their lives and careers.

This is already something I do somewhat regularly. I’ve always enjoyed reaching out to other people in the sports media business to pick their brains, learn about what they do and ask for advice. I’ve been fortunate over the years to have so many people willing to offer me their time on the phone or in coffee shops.

The podcast is a chance to keep doing that while also increasing my on-air reps, which I haven’t gotten many of since finishing grad school.

And I already learned a couple things in Episode 1. So maybe my friends, other people in sports media or just general sports fans will learn something too.

I know there’s a small amount of risk in turning these conversations into half-conversation/half-interview mode and then posting them online, but I think it’ll be worth it. I’m sure I’ll make a few jokes that don’t land, or say things that later make me cringe, but I’ll find my rhythm.

If you have feedback, let me know what you think. If it’s positive feedback, feel free to give a rating and a review on iTunes, since apparently that helps the podcast get discovered.

While I’m here, I’d like to thank a few people. I had a handful of friends serve as my focus group on everything from the font on the logo to the audio mixing of the intro music (which I describe as Van Halen, feat. Al Michaels). A few went above and beyond:

Brian De Los Santos helped create my logo, which turned into much more work than he initially thought he signed up for. Brian Ayala helped create a template for graphics I can use on Twitter for each individual episode, and gave me a crash course on Adobe Illustrator so I won’t have to bother him whenever a tiny problem comes up. And Patrick Roth was my guest for Episode 0, a practice show nobody will ever hear that helped me test the recording equipment and discover a couple of my annoying tendencies.

So let’s get started. You can already listen to Episode 1, an interview with freelance sports writer Erik Malinowski. I have other guests I’ve already reached out to, and I think I’ll have some good ones fairly soon.

I don’t know exactly how often I’ll record episodes, as I don’t have a set schedule. Almost exactly a year ago, I launched this website with a new blog and wrote my first post about the fact that I might not blog very frequently. I feel similarly about the podcast. I’m doing this for fun on the side of everything else I have going on, so I won’t promise to tape weekly, or even monthly, and then get stressed about living up to the promise. I’d much rather surprise people with how often I’m podcasting than with how rarely.

What that hopefully means is that I won’t have any clunkers. I’ll only tape episodes when I have a good guest lined up, time to prepare smart questions and some interesting things to talk about.

So thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy it.