My best work of 2017

I don’t compile a “Best of” list every December, but I felt compelled to for 2017.  That’s probably a good sign for how I feel about the work I did this year.  Some years I try to tackle a couple big projects, some years I take on a lot of little things.  This year I tried to do a little of both. Read the whole post

Putting my 10 favorite games on the map

Yesterday I unveiled my map.  At least I finally put it online.  In my apartment I have the real map, a giant one on a corkboard where I have pins in all the places I’ve been.  As a geography nerd who has spent the last 20 years pretty obsessed with sports travel, it’s become one of my favorite possessions.  I’ve wanted to move it online for a while now and I finally did yesterday.  Read the whole post

Thank you for making the Rio Olympics awesome


At some point during the Olympics— the days very much blur together at this point— I was sitting at my desk yammering about judo or handball or whitewater slalom kayak racing or something.  A coworker asked me if I was always into the Olympics this much, or if it was only because this year I was hosting a podcast.  I told him that the podcast existed because I love the Olympics, and not the other way around. Read the whole post

Ethical quandary: Why do we make sports predictions and what are they supposed to prove anyway?

SB50 predictionPrediction accountability is important. I’m borrowing a phrase here from Eric Single, my coworker at SI. For him it’s sort of like a catchphrase, as a quick Twitter search shows. Although I think he’s half-kidding.

Predictions are a staple in sports media. They’re in newspapers, magazines, websites, pre-game shows, podcasts and everywhere else. Whether you’re a reporter, analyst, writer, commentator, studio host or fan on Twitter, you make predictions. Read the whole post

Reintroducing the PHLNYPR


It’s a big day for my little passion project—the PHLNYPR finally has a home.

The PHLNYPR, many of you probably don’t know, is a… thing… I’ve been doing on Twitter since September 2012. It stands for Philly/New York Power Rankings.

On the first day of every month, I rank all 12 pro sports teams from Philly and New York in the four major sports leagues. Read the whole post

I’m launching a podcast

The Mitch Goldich Podcast FINAL LOGOTo start with the lede: I’m launching a podcast. You probably already figured that out from the headline.

Technically I’ve been launching a podcast for the past few months, today is just the day I can finally switch things into past tense and say that I’ve launched a podcast. You can already listen to Episode 1 on my site, or search for it and subscribe in the iTunes store. Read the whole post

My best work of 2014

It’s list season. Actually I might have missed list season. I’ve spent the last couple weeks reading all sorts of posts sharing the best books, movies, articles, cat photos, etc. of 2014. So I hope I’m not too late, waiting until December 31.

If I am late, it’s because I was a little hesitant at first to do this. It seems like a bit of a narcissistic exercise to put together my best work of the year. Read the whole post

Jimmy Rollins: Fifteen years with one shortstop

In case you missed it, I wrote my first story for Sports Illustrated Friday, about the symbolism of Jimmy Rollins being the first homegrown Phillies star to leave town.

One story wasn’t enough for me to get it all out of my system, so here’s a more personal take on what it’s been like to follow Rollins all these years.

Rollins’ first full season in the Major Leagues was in 2001. Read the whole post

My week as the Red Hot Reporter

I’m back from London.

As I wrote in September, I won a contest sponsored by Virgin Atlantic to become their Red Hot Reporter during the NFL International Series game in London. After a week covering the Dolphins, Raiders and general fanfare, I figured I should write about the whole experience and compile all my work in one spot.

Then I got home, caught up on sleep, had a busy week and finally got around to it. Read the whole post

My first GIF

I am trying to be a sports journalist.  What I continue to learn, for better or worse, is that that isn’t enough. In the digital age, you can’t just be a reporter, you must also be a content creator.

I’ve seen job descriptions for what seem like basic reporting jobs, which mention skills like Photoshop are considered a plus. Read the whole post