Below is some of my best video work behind the camera as a shooter and editor, and some of my favorite work on screen.

SB51: Taking hits from J.J. Watt

I interviewed some NFL players for Sports Illustrated during Super Bowl week in Houston and asked if they’d rather take hits from J.J. Watt or lose their pinkies.

2017 NBA Draft Lottery preview

I helped preview the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery in studio for Sports Illustrated.

When Lehigh Beat Duke

My alma mater Lehigh University interviewed me for a video the school put together celebrating the five year anniversary of beating Duke in the NCAA basketball tournament.

Happy Birthday Wrigley? (6-10-14)

A look at the controversies surrounding Wrigley Field at the famous ballpark’s 100th birthday. Created as part of my capstone project for my master’s in journalism at Northwestern’s Medill School.

Broncos and Seahawks bars profit during playoffs (1-28-14)

Broncos and Seahawks bars in Chicago profited thanks to a fortunate Super Bowl matchup. Owners discussed it the week of the big game. This was all filmed and edited over a span of 8 hours.

Soldier Field preps for outdoor Blackhawks game (2-26-14)

As the NHL’s outdoor Stadium Series came to Chicago, representatives from the NHL and Soldier Field spoke about the challenges of building and maintaining an outdoor ice rink, as well as the benefits to the league.

Fantasy Football Addiction (12-5-13)

A fun use of split screen editing to talk about our nation’s obsession with fantasy football. Just a class project, not published anywhere.

Movie Night with Coach Fitz (2-24-14)

I interviewed Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald before a showing of his favorite movie on campus. I asked about the movie, team chemistry and recruiting, and I was the first reporter to publicly ask him about the NLRB hearings after his testimony.

Wrigley Field sunrise time lapse (6-5-14)

Just a quick time lapse video of Wrigley Field shot on a DSLR. Music recorded from a band inside the stadium in April.

Wrigley Field afternoon time lapse (5-20-14)

Another time lapse video outside of Wrigley Field, this time shot in the afternoon.