Below are links to some of my favorite stories I’ve written, showing a range of topics and styles.


Sports IllustratedSports Illustrated logo – Complete SI archives

7/5/2016Pat Croce, ex-Sixers owner and part-time pirate, at peace with retired life

2,200 wordsFor SI’s annual ‘Where Are They Now’ series, I wrote about being in a tiny plane with Pat Croce, retirement, meditation and pirates.


3/18/2016What it’s like to lose—badly—as a No. 16 seed

1,350 words“For every Valparaiso, George Mason and Florida Gulf Coast, there are two or three teams that don’t have any shining moments.”


5/5/2015Even mascots are not immune to baseball’s emphasis on pace-of-game

800 words“In other words, there’s some added pressure for Chorizo and his bratwurst buddies to sprint through the finish line.”


The New York Times Logo NYT

11/19/2014Rivalry Earns Its Pinstripes: 150th Meeting Between Lehigh and Lafayette is Set For Yankee Stadium

1,100 words“Tucked away in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania is a great college football rivalry many fans have never heard of.”


Baseball Prospectus BP Logo

8/7/2014Amaro’s Phillies: The Lessons Unlearned

1,250 words“It’s been almost five years since Amaro inked his first pitcher to a long-term deal. We now have enough hindsight to examine the fallout from what we later learned marked a shift in organizational philosophy.”

Republished by FOX Sports’ baseball website Just a Bit Outside


Huffington Post HuffPost Logo

8/7/2014Richmond Puts the Name Mitch in the Hall of Fame

750 words“It seems every name from Adolph and Arvydas to Zachariah and Zigmund had its day on stage before Mitch.”


12/17/2013Race for data feeds the sports analytics revolution

3,000 words“Except this is December 2013, so six SportVU motion-detecting cameras overhead will capture every movement from the jump ball to the final buzzer. This is the year everything in the NBA has changed.”


3/18/2012Lehigh beating Duke shows why March Madness is so great

1,250 words“Suddenly we were the random school that everyone else was interested in. One minute the UNC fans were asking where Lehigh is located, the next minute it was trending nationwide on Twitter.”


NBCOlympics.com NBC Olympics 2012 Logo

8/2/2012Shaherkani first Saudi woman to compete

350 words“Flip through the photo galleries after every Olympic judo match, and they eventually begin to look the same. One fighter wears blue, the other wears white, and each has a black belt. Aside from the name on the back and the flag over the heart, the uniform— or gi—  is, frankly, uniform. That was, until this morning.”


7/31/2012Malloy medals in London

650 words“An ocean away from home, the 57kg judo fighter took her first step onto the tatami and, standing barefoot, she was literally toe-to-toe with the second-ranked fighter in the world.”


The 700 Level blog, hosted by CSNPhilly.com 700 Level Logo

1/3/2014Yes, the Eagles have a Snapchat account

900 words“So get used to the newest toy at the Eagles’ social media team’s disposal. The photos may disappear faster than Chip Kelly calls in a play, but the use of Snapchat looks like it may last a while.”


Sigma Phi Epsilon FraternitySigEp Logo

April 2011Ryan Mathews reflects on life and leadership in SigEp and the NFL

1,400 words“While Mathews was shredding defenses for 1,808 yards and 19 touchdowns during his junior season at Fresno State, he made sure his other team was well-represented. Look closely at his highlight reels and you’ll notice three Greek letters written on his eye black for every home game.”


espnW espnW logo

8/6/2011Phanatic holds packed house in his hands

500 words“He’s endearing to the Philly faithful with his playful representation of their ruthless reputation.”


Crashburn Alley, then a member of ESPN’s Sweet Spot Blog Network Logo Crashburn Alley

4/20/2012Giants series displays flaws in Manuel’s strategy

1,000 words“Reliance on outdated statistics displays a strange form of bias, akin to being unable to separate in his mind the players on his roster from the players they used to be. Making decisions today based exclusively on data from more than half a decade ago is like trying to win on Jeopardy! by studying yesterday’s clues.”


RTC LogoRush The Court

3/6/2013Patriot League: Season recap and conference tournament preview

3,000 wordsThis detailed breakdown includes top storylines, a breakdown of each team in the field, regular season individual awards and predictions for every game (all correct).